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Creedence Clearwater Revival was the first punk band // Ramones

Creedence Clearwater Revival was the first punk band // Ramones

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“Another thing that pisses me off, talking about who started punk rock music. Was it...the Sex Pistols in England? Was it... the Ramones and the Velvet Underground in New York? "It was the Ramones!", "It was the Sex Pistols!" Who cares who started it?! It's music. I don't know who started it, and I don't give a shit.”

-that dude from SLC Punk

Much respect to all the punk wannabes of the 1970s but CCR was the first punk band. It’s on a t-shirt now, so it’s fact. Fast beats, politically charged lyrics and years long legal battles with record labels as well as bandmates; what could be more punk?

Pictured is John Fogerty and the rest of the Credence boys tastefully placed upon the bodies of a lil known obscure band from Queens, NY; The Ramones. Buy this shirt and you’ll be the “Fortunate Son”. Or won’t be depending on how you interpret those lyrics.

Bread & Water collaboration with Race to the Coffin Comedy (! Check out their site for punk-influenced shirts of comedians and also for jokes.

Hand printed with water-based white and discharge teal ink on soft 100% cotton shirts.

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