Bread & Water Printshop
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I've been in punk communities for as long as I've been a real person. My fondest memories are of basements smelling like beer and sweat, full of black-clad, studded, stinky punks. And everyone looked punk as fuck.

B&W Print Shop Summer 2017 - On model  27.jpg

So I was always disappointed that many of my favorite bands weren't "punk," so they didn't make shirts or patches that matched my aesthetic  (if they made them at all). The fallacy that punks listen exclusively to punk is so limiting, and punk style and iconography are used in such a big part as a way of demonstrating cultural capital, visible belonging. And I subscribed to this too, was turned off by the yellow and purple shirts many of my favorite artists sold. So, I wanted to make shirts that allowed me to rep my favorite bands while also not looking like a total square.

In addition to just making fun shirts and jokes, I see Bread & Water Printshop as a larger art project, critiquing the importance that punks put on "punx dress punk." What makes punk authenticity? It often seems that people give more weight to whether you "look" punk than how you act, what you listen to, where you go. If I have a band shirt that's white ink printed on black, am I good?